Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy

The Charlestown-Clark County Libraries (Borden, Henryville, Charlestown, New Washington, and Sellersburg) have meeting rooms available for use by library cardholders in good standing over the age of 18. Borden, Henryville and New Washington have rooms that can accommodate approximately 15 people. Charlestown can accommodate approximately 50 people. Sellersburg can accommodate approximately 25 people and may be divided into two sections with a capacity of 15 each.

Library events will take precedence in room scheduling. The meeting rooms are available during normal business hours and after hours with special key arrangements. The primary purpose of the meeting room is to accommodate organized community groups.

Meetings at all branches must be concluded by 10 pm.

Each group is required to fill out an application for the use of the meeting room and will be notified of use approval.

User Responsibilities:

  • Groups and individuals who use the meeting rooms are guests of the library and their use should reflect that understanding.
  • No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are permitted on the premises.
  • Minors must be supervised by responsible adults at all times.
  • Requests can be made in advance for the use of certain audio/visual equipment.
  • No buying, selling, or solicitation is permitted on library property.
  • No collections may be taken up.
  • No attendance fees may be charged.
  • Be aware that there will not be access to a telephone.
  • Only light refreshments may be served.
  • Meeting rooms must be restored to their original, clean condition.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items or damage to vehicles in the parking lots.
  • State fire and health laws shall be observed.
  • Everyone using the meeting room is required to fill out a meeting room closing form and turn it in.
  • Granting the use of the meeting rooms does not imply approval or endorsement by the library of the group, meeting, or ideas presented at the meeting.
  • Meetings at all branches must be concluded by 10 pm.

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