Indiana Memory Project

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Charlestown-Clark County Public Library is continually interested in collecting original source documents that tell the history of Clark County, Indiana.

Indiana Memory was created by Indiana State Library to bring together original source documents of the history of Indiana. Hoosier State Chronicles is Indiana’s digital historic newspaper program. Beginning in 2007, Charlestown Clark County Public Library began digitizing it’s collection and adding it to Indiana Memory.

Charlestown-Clark County Public Library has two collections on Indiana Memory.

Clark County Collection
Jesse G. Dorsey World War II Correspondence

Clark County Collection
This collection contains hundreds of items of Clark County history which include Civil War letters, store ledgers from the 1800s, judge docket ledgers from 1890-1920s, photographs, Korean War letters, World War II letters, hotel ledgers, and much more. As the digitization of additional items is completed, they will be added. 
The original items are kept in Charlestown Library Special Collections and can be viewed upon request.

14 Mile Creek bridge photographs
14 Mile Creek photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• A.E. Burkhardt & Co. Furs and Raw Skins Receipt c1870
• About A Town In Southern Indiana, Theodore Eitel photography
Aetna gas station 1943 photograph, Memphis, Indiana
• The Action 1941 – Indiana Ordnance Works Newsletter, Charlestown, Indiana
America Steamboat on Ohio River photographs
• Andrew W. Yager collection, Charlestown, Indiana 3 Sep 1918
Arthur Stockwell Civil War letters 1864
• Auditor’s Annual Report of the Receipts and Disbursements Clark County, Indiana 1885, 1886
• Barnett Academy collection 1864-65
Belknap Quarry c1890 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
Bennetsville School photograph, Bennetsville, Indiana
• Bolly Flour Mill, Charlestown, Indiana, c1880
Bueters Butcher Shop photograph, Charlestown, Indiana, c 1880
Bueters Service Station 1920 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
Camp Chelan Belknap Lake photograph 1968, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Carnegie Library, New Albany, Indiana 1911 post card
• Catalogue and Circular of the Charlestown Female Institute 1853-54, Charlestown, Indiana
Cement mill photograph c1890, Charlestown, Indiana
Charlestown 1941 Highway 62 Progressive Traffic Treatment report
• Charlestown Cemetery Plat Book, Charlestown, Indiana 1903
• Charlestown Community Chautauqua program, Charlestown, Indiana 19-23 Aug 1917
• Charlestown Eighth Grade School Commencement Program, Charlestown, Indiana 1935
• Charlestown Gymnastic Association ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1866-67
Charlestown High School 1916 graduation class, Charlestown, Indiana
• Charlestown High School commencement programs 1890, 1900, 1913 1928, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1950
• Charlestown House ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1953-1963
• Charlestown Lecture Association program, Charlestown, Indiana 14 Mar 1882
Charlestown, Indiana 4th of July celebration photographs c1920
• Charlestown, Indiana 1943 tornado photographs
Charlestown, Indiana Highway 62 walk bridges 1941 post cards
• Charlestown, Indiana map 1900
Charlestown, Indiana map 1941
Charlestown, Indiana town cash book No. 2 1902-1905
• Charlestown, Indiana trailer camp photographs 1941
• Charlestown School 1918-1953 photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
Charlestown School in old Court House pre 1918 photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• Charlestown Sesquicentennial program, Charlestown, Indiana 8-13 Jul 1958
• Chautauqua program, Sellersburg, Indiana 1916
Civilian Conservation Corps Camp S-51 Co 513, Henryville, Indiana 1943 photographs
• Clark County Central Agricultural Association 1887
Clark County Court House post cards, Charlestown, Indiana
Clark State Forest photographs, Henryville, Indiana
• Clegg undertaker horse drawn hearse photograph, Henryville, Indiana
Crab College Grade School photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• Crothersville Fair 1909 advertisement, Crothersville, Indiana
• The Crowning of The Gypsy Queen Program, Charlestown, IN 27 Apr 1906
Culver Military Academy c1920 photograph, Culver, Indiana
Cutter blacksmith shop c1890 photograph Sellersburg, Indiana
• Daughters of Pocahontas, No 259, ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1907-1909
Deputy Camp Meeting collection, Deputy, Indiana
• Earthquake of 1811 poem
Enteman family photographs, Henryville, Indiana
• Ernest Schleicher Civil War Letters
• First Annual Catalogue of the Graded School and Normal Institute, of Charlestown, Clark County, Indiana 1883-84
• First National Bank 6952, Charlestown, Indiana 3 Sep 1918
• Flood of 1937 post cards, Ohio River, Indiana
• Frank A. & Dorothy Smith Collection of World War II Letters
Goodwin Family photo album, Sellersburg, Indiana, 1890s
• Grange #1089 letter to Fletcher Bottorff, New Washington, IN 12 Dec 1874
Greenlee Bridge photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Guernsey family collection, Clark County, Indiana 1862-1877
• Guernsey Store ledger, Henryville, Indiana 1863-1872
Hamburg School c1897 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
Handy family photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• Handy House, Charlestown, Indiana, c1940
Hanging Rock Hill, Madison, Indiana c1910
• Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana 1914 postcard
• Harlan Dodd photograph album
• Harris family collection, Charlestown, Indiana c1880
Harrod School No 7 c1910 photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
Hauss family photographs Sellersburg, Indiana
• Haymaker Public School souvenir 1922, New Market, Indiana
Henryville High School photographs, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville Methodist Church photographs, Henryville, Indiana
• Henryville Presbyterian Church photographs, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville school wagon photograph c1915, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville Seminary photographs, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville State Bank c1910 photograph, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville Supply Co photograph, Henryville, Indiana
Henryville, Indiana photographs
Henryville, Indiana tornado damage 7 Jun 1948 photographs
• Hiestand family collection, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Hiestand – Speed Hotel ledger 1900-1904
• Hiestand autograph album 1884
• Hiestand photograph album – black
• Hiestand photograph album – burgundy
Hiestand scrapbook 1884
Highway 31 construction photographs 1924, Henryville, Indiana
Highway construction c1925 photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
• History of Charlestown Indiana and Program for Charlestown Police Benefit Jamboree, 1942
• History of Presbyterian Church, Charlestown, Indiana 1899
• Holly & Mistletoe Waltz by Ella M. Guernsey, Henryville, Indiana c1880
• Horse Breeding post card, New Washington, Indiana 1885
Hostettlers Dry Goods photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
Hughes Saloon photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
• Illustrated Souvenir of the Indiana Reformatory 1906
• Improved Order of the Red Men Pecos Tribe membership list, Charlestown, Indiana 3 Sep 1918
• Indiana Ordnance Works – B&O Railroad – Eligah Strong Property Acquisition, Charlestown, Indiana 1945
• Indiana Ordnance Works Excellence of Performance Program 10 Aug 1942
Indiana Ordnance Works postcards 1941 Charlestown, Indiana
• Indiana Ordnance Works Real Estate Acquisition 1941, Charlestown, Indiana
• Indiana Ordnance Works Real Estate Acquisition Plant 2, 1945, Charlestown, IN
• Indiana, poem by Sarah T. Bolton and music by Frederic Krull
Interstate 65, 14 Sep 1960 opening ceremony program
IOOF Sellersburg, Indiana photographs
• Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot and You
• Jennie E Green photograph album, c1860
• Joe H. Graves autograph book, Charlestown, Indiana 1891
• Judge certificate to Ward H. Watson 26 Nov 1906
• Karnes House ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1897-1902
Knights of Pythias c1900 photograph Sellersburg, Indiana
• Knights of Pythias ledger, No 498, Bethlehem, Indiana 1902-1928
Kranz family c1917 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Letter from Court Clerk, Shepherdsville, KY to Justice of Peace Clark County, Indiana Territory 28 Apr 1818
• Letter from Howk & Naylor Charlestown, IN to Naylor Crawfordsville, IN 29 Apr 1834
• Literary Society exhibition program, 28 Nov 1878, Charlestown, Indiana
Louisville Cement Company photographs, Speed, Indiana
• Louisville & Northern Railway & Lighting Company train ticket booklet 1914
Lutz Stable photograph c1907, Charlestown, Indiana
• Marble Hill promotional poster, Hanover, Indiana c1980
• McGee family letters, Charlestown, Indiana 1822, 1831 & 1832
• McGee letter from Civil War Soldier to Belle McGee 29 Jul 1862
McKinney family papers 1823-1923
Memphis Elementary photograph 8 Jul 1974, Memphis, Indiana
• Memphis, Indiana 1943 photograph
• Merchant of Venice Opera leaflet, Charlestown, Indiana 22 Feb 1900
Methodist Church first choir photograph 1898, Sellersburg, Indiana
Methodist Church built 1807 photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
Methodist Church, Charlestown, Indiana photographs
• Methodist Episcopal Church dedication ceremony, 1925, Charlestown, Indiana
• Methodist Episcopal Church, 1885 directory, Charlestown, Indiana
• Methodist Episcopal Church, 1894 directory, Charlestown, Indiana
• Methodist Episcopal Church, 1915 directory, Charlestown, Indiana
• Middle Road Toll Gate Ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1867-1890
• Minna Alpha Cookbook, Charlestown, Indiana, 12 Dec 1885
Mitchel P. Alpha photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
• Monroe Township Auditor Ledger, Clark County, Indiana 1884-1900
• Monroe Township Court Docket ledger, Clark County, Indiana 1896-1905
• Monroe Township Election Poll Books for 1863, 1865 & 1867, Henryville, IN
Moores Hill College collection, Moores Hill, Indiana
Moores Hill Collegian 1890, 1891, 1892
Morrow family photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• National War Savings Committee, Clark County, Indiana 31 Aug 1918
New Albany Tsp, Floyd County, Indiana school photograph 1896
• New House of Worship, Charlestown Presbyterian Church, IN 14 Jul 1878
• New Washington High School commencement program, New Washington, Indiana 1912
Oakland School photographs, Henryville, Indiana
Oklahoma Grade School c1915 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Passport 1872 of Henry Homberger
Pendegraft Family c1910 photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
Pleasant Grove Church 1945 photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
Pleasant Hill School souvenir 1903, Monroe Township, Clark County, Indiana
• Poor Farm ledger, Clark County, Indiana 1923-1941
• The Powder Horn 1941-1943, Indiana Ordnance Works Newsletter, Charlestown, Indiana
Presbyterian Church congregation photograph 1929, Charlestown, Indiana
• Presbyterian Church directory 1900-1901, Charlestown, Indiana
• Recorder’s Office letter to Margaret Bower, Clark County, IN 17 Aug 1887
• Recorder’s Office pages, Clark County, Indiana Territory 1816
• Red Cross Charlestown Township membership list, Charlestown, IN 1918
Residence Hotel postcard, Charlestown, Indiana
• Robertson family collection
• Rose Island 14 Miles Above Louisville on the Beautiful Ohio c1930
Rural mail carriers photograph 1904, Charlestown, Indiana
Saint Francis Church 1943 photograph, Henryville, Indiana
• Saint Joseph Hill Church photographs, Sellersburg, Indiana
Saint Joseph School photographs, Sellersburg, Indiana
Saint Michaels Church 1928 fire photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
Saint Michaels Church photographs, Charlestown, Indiana
• Saint Pauls Church 1943 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
Sellersburg and Speed School Commencement Program, Sellersburg, Indiana 1898
• Sellersburg Church of Christ photographs, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Sellersburg, Indiana criminal docket ledger 1900-1927
• Sharpe Fabric and Clothing store ledger, Charlestown, Indiana 1850-1851
Signature cards, Charlestown, Indiana 1918
• Silver Creek Canning Stock, Sellersburg, Indiana 1894
Silver Creek High School construction photographs 1938-39, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Silver Creek Township & Sellersburg Schools Commencement Program, Sellersburg, IN 1893
Smith family letters 1945
• Speed Community Fair Programs, Speed, Indiana 1920-1929
• Speeds Community Fair 1920 ribbon
• Spicknall funeral notices 1883
Stotts Sinclair service station 22 May 1963 photographs, Henryville, Indiana
• Sweet Shop, William Engelhart, c1908 photograph, Sellersburg, Indiana
Tom Greene Steamboat, Ohio River
Townsend family photographs, Sellersburg, Indiana
• Tulip Tree Festival program, Charlestown, Indiana 1942
• Tunnel Mill photograph, Charlestown, Indiana c1900
• Turner family collection, Charlestown, Indiana 1833-1911
• Twas Only Those Bright Eyes of Blue by Hamilton & Guernsey, Henryville, IN 1883
Union Cemetery plat map, Clark County, Indiana 1965
Utica School photograph c1900, Utica, Indiana
Whitlatch Grocery photograph, Charlestown, Indiana
• Ye Musick program 31 Dec 1899, Charlestown, Indiana

These items are kept at Sellersburg Library.
• Goodwin family photo album, Sellersburg, Indiana, 1890s
• Jesse G. Dorsey Korean War Correspondence
• Sellersburg and Speed Schools Commencement Program, Sellersburg, Indiana 1898
• The Speed Way 1957-1968 – Newsletter of the Louisville Cement Company, Speed, Indiana (2 issues missing.)
• The Speedometer 1921-1929, 1941-1945, 1950, 1952, 1954-1956 – Newsletter of the Louisville Cement Company, Speed, Indiana (Not a complete set. Not published in 1930s.)
• The Warning Star 1937 – Newsletter of the Louisville Cement Company, Speed, Indiana

Jesse G. Dorsey World War II Correspondence Collection 

This collection contains 1606 letters and post cards written during World War II and collected by Jesse G. Dorsey of Speed, Indiana.

The collection also contains 3 other objects.
Greetings From Home Christmas 1943, Sellersburg, Indiana
Entertainment Scrapbook 1, 1942-44 Community House, Speed, Indiana
Entertainment Scrapbook 2, 1944-45 Community House, Speed, Indiana

Read about the history of the Louisville Cement Company and the Jesse G. Dorsey Collection that is kept at the Sellersburg Library.