Stockwell Bentley Chambers Collection

The following is an inventory of the items included in 4 boxes kept in Special Collections at Charlestown Library. The items were donated to the library and are available for viewing by request. The items span several generations of the Stockwell, Bentley, and Chambers families and includes many letters, photographs and documents. For the most part, the items start with John Stockwell who married Nancy Chambers 4 Dec 1838 of Charlestown, Indiana and follows many branches after them.

Stockwell genealogy
Chambers genealogy
Bentley – Taylor genealogy (2 pictures of J.F. Baird)

Letter describing the effects of the Indiana Ordnance Works on the town of Charlestown in 1941.

Presbyterian Church of Charlestown
• booklet A History of the Presbyterian Church, Charlestown, Indiana, with Biographical Sketches, of Pioneer Members, and Ministers 1899 – digitized on Indiana Memory
• program for Installation of Rev. J.D. Countermine, as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, York Nebraska, by Nebraska City Presbytery, 13 Nov 1889
• photographs, various items about the Presbyterian Church
• The Indiana Synod A Presbyterian Monthly Magazine Vol. 11 No. 1 Nov 1895

• Stockwell home
• Stockwell Cave
• old newspaper article about Indian Cave being opened it to public
• tintype photographs – many
• Bentley farm in Charlestown, IN
• Jennie Winburg’s house in Nebraska 1900
• tintype photograph in wood box frame of baby unidentified
• tintype photograph of baby unidentified
• tintype photograph in wood box frame of John Samuel Stockwell
• tintype photograph in wood box frame of Ella Stockwell Bentley as a girl
• tintype photograph in wood box frame of Arthur Stockwell as a boy
• tintype photograph in wood box frame of Margaret Adelia Walter Long as a young woman
• photograph album, blue velvet, most identified

• Civil War badge engraved Edward Stockwell; research papers showing it is from Company C 1st infantry Invalid Corps
• wood carved knife, wood carved hatchet by Edward Bentley Stockwell
• quilt – probably made by Jenny Stockwell but could have been her sisters
• wedding veil with crown of flowers – worn by Margaret Adelia Walter when she married Isaac Newton Long 19 Nov 1863.
• child’s fancy jacket with stippling around edges
• ivory comb – belonged to Margaret Adelia Walter Long
• The Holy Bible – American Bible Society, 1878, New York
• The Holy Bible, 1854, Londo
• All Things Visible by Margaret Stockwell Talbert (book)
• The Secret of Gladness by J.R. Miller (book)
• account ledger for legal services 1858-1859 belonging to Benjamin Franklin Walter with some recipes written after accounts and then some pages of Court of Common Pleas 1857-1860 accounting
• fan made of ivory and feathers – given to Margaret Adelia Walter Long by her husband Isaac Newton Long
• sleeve from a baby’s shirt
• lace scraps
• silk pieces from a dress
• broach with tintype photograph of a man under glass with woven hair under glass covering the back in a leather pouch
• Civil War gold medal for Company C, 1st Infantry Invalid Corps engraved on back Ed. Stockwell. Organized at Washington D.C. 10 Oct 1863. Invalid Corps renamed Veteran Reserve Corps in 1864.
• Fee Book ledger F. Walter – originally an account book for legal fees, most pages have poems clipped from newspapers pasted on them

Bentley, Arthur
WW I photograph, photographs, letters

Bentley, Catherine “Kate” Taylor
married Frank W. Bentley
letters, obit, photographs, autograph book, calling cards

Bentley, Edwin Bean
married Lena Reeves
photographs, Lena newspaper announcement, Lena obit; (same folder as Frank Taggart Bentley)

Bentley, Fannie Stockwell
married James T. Bentley
photographs, letters, obit, calling cards, funeral book, funeral flower cards, newspaper article about her wedding
post card with Oklahoma Building of the Club House Company, 316 feet long Monte NE, Arkansas
marriage certificate – James Tempest Bentley and Fannie Stockwell 28 July 1880 Clark County, Indiana

Bentley, Francis “Frank” W.
married Catherine “Kate” Taylor
valentine poem with envelope and locket of hair from Kate to Frank
certificate from Davenport Business College
obit for Frank and Kate, letters

Bentley, Frank Taggart
married Lou. C. Brownell
The Traffic Club program, business card, photographs, wedding announcement; (same folder as Edwin Bentley)

Bentley, James
married Mary Ann Johnson
Mary’s obit, James’ obit, obit of daughter Mary E. Wilson
citizenship paper for James Bentley 25 Feb 1828
copy of letter from Francis Bentley in Prince of Wales Island to James Bentley in Derbyshire, Great Britain 11 Dec 1814

Bentley, James Francis “Frank”
married Rita Berrian
letters, photographs, WWI photographs and postcards, funeral book

Bentley, James Tempest
married Fannie Stockwell
photographs, funeral book, letters, business cards

Bentley, John
married to “Ella” Nancy Stockwell
letters about his death in 1904

Bentley, John Stockwell
married Estelle
funeral book, photographs, letters, business card

Bentley, Margaret Stiles
photographs, funeral book, obit, last will and testament, letters

Bentley, Nancy Ellen “Ella” Stockwell
married John Bentley
marriage announcement from newspaper, letters

Bentley, Thomas

Chambers, Mary “Molly” Stockwell
married to Will Chambers
photographs, letters, a painting of flowers

Chambers, W. M.
letters to Fannie Stockwell Bentley

Doak, America “Mec” Stockwell

Gaefe, Mary Lynn Talbert

Long, Margaret Adelia “Dannie” Walter
married Newton Long
photographs, calling card, essay on Bonnets, journal with essays hand written
The Filson magazine with images of Margaret and husband Newton Long that were donated to the Filson Club
Ohio Valley History magazine Vol. 11 No. 1 –  article “God only knows when it will end” The Civil War Letters of Captain Benjamin F. Walter of the 23rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Stiles, Margaret “Maggie” Rose Stockwell
married to Clarence Stiles
photographs, picture frame painting, large certificate for life membership with the Sunday School Juvenile Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Charlestown, Indiana 1865

Stiles, Clara
photographs, letters

Stockwell, Arthur
Civil War letters (21, 6 by Arthur)
Arthur Stockwell Civil War letters 1864

Stockwell, Edward Bentley
married Margaret Isabella Long
photographs, calling card, obit

Stockwell, Catherine Jane “Jennie”
photographs, letters, small journal, obit, recipe for communion wine; letter Jennie Stockwell to Fannie Stockwell Bentley

Stockwell, John Stockwell & Nancy Chambers
biographical sketch from History of the Presbyterian Church Charlestown, Indiana (digitized on Indiana Memory); memorial plaque, newspaper articles, obit, photographs, letters
letter from Department of the Interior, Census Office about the 1870 Census
letter from DL Haines secretary of Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad (after 1854)
letter from office of the Chief Supervisor of Elections for the District of Indiana, 1 Oct 1880 to John Stockwell
letter from W.Q. Graham, District Judge Circuit Court of the United States in Indianapolis, 9 Oct 1880 appointing John Stockwell as Supervisor of Election for 1st Precinct of Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

Stockwell, John Samuel
doctor diplomas and certificates: Illinois State Board of Health 28 Mar 1888; Practical Clinical Course in Obstetrics and General Diseases, 9 Feb 1887; membership in The University Association 25 Sep 1896; Physicians License for State of Indiana 29 Jul 1897; Rush Medical College eye and ear course certificate 21 Feb 1888
letters, photographs, business cards, obit, large certificate for life membership with the Sunday School Juvenile Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Charlestown, Indiana 1865

Stockwell, Margaret Isabella Long
married Edward Stockwell
photographs, wedding announcement, copy of obit which is glued in front of The Holy Bible 1854
The Filson magazine Vol 10 No 3 – article and photograph of painted portrait of her

Talbert, Margaret Ellen
photographs, letter, calling cards, rejection letter from Charm magazine for a story called “Rorskin” with copy of the story

Talbert, Margaret Nancy Stockwell
married Ernest Talbert
photographs, tintype of Margaret and her father Edward, letters, locket of her hair, metal printing plate for her calling card, wedding announcement 1913, 20th wedding anniversary photograph, last will and testament

Taylor, John & Rachel
letters , obit
Grand Lodge of Ireland paper, letter, Rachel’s obit
John Taylor citizenship paper dated 5 August 1836 (copy)

Taylor, John H.
civil war photograph, civil war discharge paper