Recommended Reads

Most Checked Out & Requested Books in December
at Charlestown-Clark County Public Library

  1. Look alive twenty-five; 25 – Evanovich, Janet
  2. Past tense v.23 – Child, Lee
  3. Target v.24 – Patterson, James
  4. The reckoning – Grisham, John
  5. Every breath – Sparks, Nicholas
  6. Becoming – Obama, Michelle
  7. Ambush v.11 – Patterson, James,
  8. Juror #3 – Patterson, James/ Allen, Nancy
  9. Long Road to Mercy v.1 – Baldacci, David
  10. The house next door – Patterson, James
  11. You don’t own me v.6 : an Under Suspicion Novel – Clark, Mary Higgins
  12. Holy ghost v.11 – Sandford, John
  13. Nine perfect strangers – Moriarty, Liane
  14. Beauchamp Hall – Steel, Danielle
  15. Connections in death : an Eve Dallas novel – Robb, J. D.
  16. Elevation – King, Stephen
  17. The Mark – Evanovich, Janet/ Benson, Raymond
  18. A delicate touch – Woods, Stuart
  19. Never tell – Gardner, Lisa
  20. Of Blood and Bone v.2 – Roberts, Nora
  21. Untouchable – Krentz, Jayne Ann
  22. Where the crawdads sing – Owens, Delia
  23. Dark sacred night – Connelly, Michael
  24. Queen of air and darkness v.3 – Clare, Cassandra
  25. A Justified Murder – Deveraux, Jude
  26. Brawl of the wild – Pilkey, Dav
  27. Say you’re sorry – Rose, Karen
  28. The noel stranger v.2 – Evans, Richard Paul
  29. Vendetta – Johansen, Iris
  30. Catching Christmas – Blackstock, Terri
  31. Dog Man : a tale of two kitties – Pilkey, Dav.
  32. Dog Man unleashed – Pilkey, Dav
  33. Pandemic – Cook, Robin
  34. Santa is coming to Indiana – Smallman, Steve
  35. Tailspin – Brown, Sandra
  36. Turning Point – Steel, Danielle
  37. A Measure of Darkness v.2 – Kellerman, Jonathan/ Kellerman, Jesse
  38. A Willing Murder – Deveraux, Jude
  39. Eggs on ice v.8 – Childs, Laura
  40. Fido v.13 – Klimo, Kate
  41. Girl, wash your face : stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be – Hollis, Rachel
  42. Parting Shot – Barclay, Linwood
  43. Sea of greed v.14 : a novel from the Numa files – Cussler, Clive
  44. The boy – Hoag, Tami
  45. Tractor : the definitive visual history.
  46. Walking Shadows v.10 – Kellerman, Faye
  47. Welcome to Who-ville – Tillworth, Mary
  48. Where teddy bears come from – Burgess, Mark
  49. 17th suspect v.17 – Patterson, James
  50. A Christmas revelation – Perry, Anne
  51. A Pup Called Trouble – Pyron, Bobbie
  52. A spark of light – Picoult, Jodi
  53. Alaskan holiday – Macomber, Debbie
  54. Bailey’s story : a dog’s purpose novel – Cameron, W. Bruce
  55. Batman v. 2 : rebirth deluxe edition – King, Tom
  56. Before we were strangers – Novak, Brenda
  57. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder – Fluke, Joanne.
  58. Christmas in the barn – Brown, Margaret Wise
  59. Christmas kitten, home at last – Pulver, Robin
  60. Dead sea rising v.1 – Jenkins, Jerry B.
  61. Devil’s Daughter : The Ravenels Meet the Wallflowers – Kleypas, Lisa
  62. Diary of a wimpy kid v.13 : the meltdown – Kinney, Jeff
  63. Easter egg disaster – Ruelle, Karen Gray
  64. Fantastic beasts and where to find them – Rowling, J. K.
  65. Fear : Trump in the White House – Woodward, Bob
  66. Feared v.6 – Scottoline, Lisa
  67. Field of bones v.18 – Jance, Judith A.
  68. Her one mistake – Perks, Heidi
  69. His promise : an Amish Christmas in Hart County v.6 – Gray, Shelley Shepard
  70. How to knit a murder v.13 – Goldenbaum, Sally
  71. I’m fun, too! – Fenske, Jonathan
  72. It’s Christmas, David! – Shannon, David
  73. Kingdom of the blind v.14 – Penny, Louise
  74. Lark! the herald angels sing v.24 : a Meg Langslow mystery – Andrews, Donna
  75. Leverage in death v.47 : an Eve Dallas novel – Robb, J. D.
  76. Llama Llama holiday drama – Dewdney, Anna
  77. Master of his fate v.1 – Bradford, Barbara Taylor
  78. Murder at the mill : a mystery – Shaw, M. B.
  79. Robert B. Parker’s blood feud v.7 – Parker, Robert B
  80. The Christmas story : from the Gospel according to St. Luke
  81. The Sneetches, and other stories. – Seuss, Dr.
  82. The Sweetest Thing – McNaught, Judith
  83. The enemy of my enemy v.5 : a clandestine operations novel – Griffin, W. E. B.
  84. The other woman – Jones, Sandie
  85. The twelve days of Christmas in Indiana – Griffin, Donna
  86. Tom Clancy oath of office v.19 / Oath of Office – Clancy, Tom
  87. Watching you v.1 – Jewell, Lisa
  88. What Doesn’t Kill Her – Dodd, Christina
  89. Wyoming legend – Palmer, Diana
  90. A gift of bones v.19 / A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery – Haines, Carolyn
  91. All we ever wanted – Giffin, Emily
  92. Black Panther. v. 2, : Avengers of the new world – Coates, Ta-Nehisi
  93. Christmas Eve good night – Cushman, Doug
  94. Cottage by the sea – Macomber, Debbie
  95. Death of a neighborhood Scrooge v.16 – Levine, Laura
  96. Deep war : the war with China and North Korea, the nuclear precipice – Poyer, David
  97. Dinosaur vs. Santa – Shea, Bob
  98. Dog Man and Cat Kid – Pilkey, Dav.
  99. Drama – Telgemeier, Raina
  100. Educated : a memoir – Westover, Tara
  101. Face off v.23 – Hagberg, David
  102. Game on! 2019 : the only gaming annual you need!
  103. Hazards of time travel – Oates, Joyce Carol
  104. Heads you win – Archer, Jeffrey
  105. In his father’s footsteps – Steel, Danielle
  106. In the name of the father : family, football, and the Manning dynasty – Ribowsky, Mark
  107. It’s not supposed to be this way : finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered – TerKeurst, Lysa
  108. Jingle bells – Trapani, Iza
  109. Kitchen yarns : notes on life, love, and food – Hood, Ann
  110. Manuscript for murder v.48 : a Murder, she wrote mystery – Fletcher, Jessica
  111. Merry Christmas, Splat – Scotton, Rob
  112. Mix it up! – Tullet, Herve
  113. Murder in Paradise : Library Edition – Patterson, James
  114. Night of miracles – Berg, Elizabeth
  115. Pale as death v.25 – Graham, Heather
  116. Paradox v.22 – Coulter, Catherine
  117. Peppa Pig and the lost Christmas list
  118. Pete the cat saves Christmas – Litwin, Eric
  119. Presidents of War – Beschloss, Michael R.
  120. Rebound – Alexander, Kwame
  121. Residue v.13 – McGarrity, Michael
  122. Roblox character encyclopedia
  123. Santa Claus and the three bears – Modugno, Maria
  124. Serpentine v.26 – Hamilton, Laurell K.
  125. Shadow Tyrants v.13 : Clive Cussler – Cussler, Clive/ Morrison, Boyd
  126. Silent scream v.5 – Harper, Karen
  127. Splat the cat sings flat – Scotton, Rob
  128. Texas Ranger – Patterson, James
  129. The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Turton, Stuart
  130. The Best of Us – Carr, Robyn
  131. The Christmas star v.10 – VanLiere, Donna
  132. The Gingerbread Cowboy – Squires, Janet
  133. The Guilty Dead v.9 – Tracy, P. J.
  134. The LEGO book – Lipkowitz, Daniel
  135. The Polar Express – Van Allsburg, Chris
  136. The President Is Missing – Clinton, Bill.
  137. The amazing book of My Little Pony – March, Julia
  138. The crossover : a basketball novel – Alexander, Kwame
  139. The fallen v.4 – Baldacci, David
  140. The great alone – Hannah, Kristin
  141. The little red elf – McGrath, Barbara Barbieri
  142. Unbridled v.46 – Palmer, Diana
  143. Weapons of war : tales of ancient & medieval warfare – Matthews, Rupert
  144. Winter in paradise v.1 – Hilderbrand, Elin
  145. Yule log murder – Meier, Leslie/ Hollis, Lee/ Ross, Barbara

Staff Picks

martyMarty Pants: How to Defeat a Wizard by Mark Parisi

All the kids at Marty’s school think that Simon is the best artist, but Marty knows that’s not true. Simon is Marty’s arch nemesis, and he also uses his evil magic to convince everyone that he is better than Marty. Marty creates a comic called Monkey Washer, in which Simon is portrayed as an incompetent “superhero.” Marty is already in trouble with the school principal and, when his comic falls out of his backpack on a school field trip, Simon says that he drew it. Since Marty’s cat ate the bottom of the cover which had his name on it, Marty has no way of proving that he made the book. How will he convince everyone that he is the true artist? Read Marty Pants: How to Defeat a Wizard to find out!

lookaliveLook Alive Twenty-Five by Janet Evanovich

When Harry the Hammer takes ownership of the Red River Deli, Vinnie puts Stephanie and Lulu to work. Once Stephanie becomes the new manager, she is alerted to the kidnappings which take place near the dumpster by the back door. Three men have already vanished from the deli. The security camera does not show any evidence of kidnapping, and the only clue is one shoe left behind from each man. With the help of Morelli and Ranger, Stephanie is determined to find the culprit, all the while keeping her job at the deli. Read Look Alive Twenty-Five to read about more misadventures of Stephanie Plum.

americanAmerican Road Trip by Patrick Flores-Scott

It’s 2008, and the country is in the middle of an economic crisis. Teodoro Avila only has a few short months left until he starts his senior year. When his brother, Manny, returns from a tour in Iraq, everyone in the family learns that he is suffering from PTSD. This causes a rift within the family, and Teodoro does not know what to do. Only when his sister, Xochid, suggests that the two brothers take a road trip does a silver lining appear. Read American Road Trip to follow Teodoro and Manny across the country as they create a bond which might help them strengthen their family.

einsteinEinstein’s Monsters: The Life and Times of Black Holes by Chris Impey

Black holes have intrigued mankind ever since we have known about their presence in the vast recesses of space. Astronomer, Chris Impey, explores the nature of their existence. He also seeks to prove Einstein’s concept of general relativity, as well as relay the experiences of other scientists who have observed black holes. Delve into Einstein’s Monsters and discover a new universe full of information.

gograpesGo, Go, Grapes: A Fruit Chant by April Pulley Sayre

In this delicious book, the author sings the praises of healthy eating. Fun rhymes are accompanied by beautiful color photos of each fruit as it is featured on the page. Not only will children learn the importance of eating healthy snacks, but they will also have fun chanting along with the rhymes!