Recommended Reads

Most Checked Out & Requested Books in July
at Charlestown-Clark County Public Library

  1. The President Is Missing -Clinton, Bill
  2. Paradox v.22 -Coulter, Catherine
  3. Tailspin -Brown, Sandra
  4. Texas Ranger -Patterson, James
  5. Feared v.6 -Scottoline, Lisa
  6. Ambush -Patterson, James/ Born, James O
  7. Cottage by the sea -Macomber, Debbie
  8. Juror 3 -Patterson, James/ Allen, Nancy
  9. Every breath -Sparks, Nicholas
  10. The Reckoning -Grisham, John
  11. Holy Ghost -Sandford, John
  12. Past tense -Child, Lee
  13. The Perfect Couple -Hilderbrand, Elin
  14. Shelter in place -Roberts, Nora
  15. The other woman -Jones, Sandie
  16. Alaskan holiday : a novel -Macomber, Debbie
  17. Dark Sacred Night -Connelly, Michael
  18. Vendetta -Johansen, Iris
  19. Pale as death v.25 -Graham, Heather
  20. Pieces of her : a novel -Slaughter, Karin
  21. The Moscow Deception v.2 -Robards, Karen
  22. A spark of light : a novel -Picoult, Jodi
  23. Look alive -Evanovich, Janet
  24. 17th suspect v.17 -Patterson, James
  25. The money shot -Woods, Stuart
  26. A Willing Murder -Deveraux, Jude
  27. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows v.7 -Rowling, J. K.
  28. A Measure of Darkness v.2 -Kellerman, Jonathan/ Kellerman, Jesse
  29. A noise downstairs : a novel -Barclay, Linwood
  30. Double blind -Johansen, Iris
  31. Field of bones v.18 -Jance, Judith A.
  32. Impostor’s Lure v.9 -Neggers, Carla
  33. In his father’s footsteps : a novel -Steel, Danielle
  34. Leverage in death v.47 : an Eve Dallas novel -Robb, J. D.
  35. Long Road to Mercy -Baldacci, David
  36. The Mark -Evanovich, Janet/ Benson, Raymond
  37. The keto reset diet : the ketogenic plan to reboot your metabolism in 21 days and burn at forever -Sisson, Mark
  38. Toucan keep a secret v.23 -Andrews, Donna
  39. Walking Shadows v.10 -Kellerman, Faye
  40. A gathering of secrets v.10 -Castillo, Linda
  41. All we ever wanted : a novel -Giffin, Emily
  42. Baby teeth : a novel -Stage, Zoje
  43. Bloody Sunday v.8 -Coes, Ben
  44. Christmas Cake Murder -Fluke, Joanne
  45. Dark sentinel v.32 -Feehan, Christine
  46. I’ve got my eyes on you : a novel -Clark, Mary Higgins
  47. Murder in Paradise : Library Edition -Patterson, James
  48. Red Alert v.5 : An Nypd Red ystery -Patterson, James/ Karp, Marshall
  49. Red war : a Mitch Rapp novel -Mills, Kyle
  50. Safe and Sound v.29 -Michaels, Fern
  51. The Noel Stranger -Evans, Richard Paul
  52. The fallen v.4 -Baldacci, David
  53. The good fight : a novel -Steel, Danielle
  54. The sixth day v.5 -Coulter, Catherine
  55. Wyoming Legend -Palmer, Diana
  56. You don’t own me : an Under Suspicion Novel -Clark, Mary Higgins
  57. Amazing Spider-Man. v.3 :Worldwide -Slott, Dan
  58. Death doesn’t bargain v.2 -Kenyon, Sherrilyn
  59. Desperate Measures -Woods, Stuart
  60. Fifty, fifty v.2 -Patterson, James
  61. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets v.2 -Rowling, J. K.
  62. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone v.1 -Rowling, J. K.
  63. Llama Llama loves to read -Dewdney, Anna
  64. Parting Shot -Barclay, Linwood
  65. Serpentine v.26 -Hamilton, Laurell K.
  66. Shadow Tyrants -Cussler, Clive/ Morrison, Boyd
  67. Shattered mirror v.23 / An Eve Duncan Novel -Johansen, Iris
  68. Spymaster v.18 : a thriller -Thor, Brad
  69. Super Rabbit Boy blasts off! v.5 -Flintham, Thomas
  70. The Breakers v.34 -Muller, Marcia
  71. The masterpiece -Rivers, Francine
  72. Treat yourself : 70 classic snacks you loved as a kid (and still love today) -Steinhauer, Jennifer
  73. Truth or Dare v.4 -Michaels, Fern
  74. Unbridled v.46 -Palmer, Diana
  75. A Nantucket wedding : a novel -Thayer, Nancy
  76. All you need is fudge v.5 -Coco, Nancy
  77. Aunt Dimity and the king’s ransom v.23 -Atherton, Nancy
  78. Beauchamp Hall : a novel -Steel, Danielle
  79. Before and again : a novel -Delinsky, Barbara
  80. Cold Bayou v.15 -Hambly, Barbara
  81. Crazy rich Asians -Kwan, Kevin
  82. Desolation mountain v.17 : a novel -Krueger, William Kent
  83. Echoes of Evil -Graham, Heather
  84. In dreams forgotten v.2 -Peterson, Tracie
  85. Into the wild v.1 -Hunter, Erin
  86. Kindred spirits v.5 -Bannister, Jo
  87. Lark! the herald angels sing : a Meg Langslow mystery -Andrews, Donna
  88. Liar, Liar -Jackson, Lisa
  89. Lost Creed v.4 -Kava, Alex
  90. Princess v.14 -Patterson, James/ Jones, Rees
  91. Stanley in space -Brown, Jeff
  92. Tales from a not-so-fabulous life v.1 -Russell, Rachel Renee
  93. Target -Patterson, James
  94. The Sweetest Thing -McNaught, Judith
  95. The big book of Minecraft : the unofficial guide to Minecraft and other building games
  96. The crooked staircase v.3 : a Jane Hawk novel -Koontz, Dean R.
  97. The dead ringer : an Agatha Raisin mystery -Beaton, M. C.
  98. The disappeared v.18 -Box, C. J.
  99. The escape artist -Meltzer, Brad
  100. The great alone -Hannah, Kristin
  101. The husband’s secret -Moriarty, Liane
  102. The other sister -Zettel, Sarah
  103. The principal strikes back -Krosoczka, Jarrett
  104. The road home -Lewis, Beverly
  105. To the Moon and Back v.3 -Kingsbury, Karen
  106. Twisted prey v.28 -Sandford, John
  107. Why Not Tonight -Mallery, Susan
  108. You were made for this -Sacks, Michelle
  109. A Dangerous Game -Graham, Heather
  110. A deadly habit v.20 -Brett, Simon
  111. Abandoned v.5 -Brennan, Allison
  112. After Anna -Scottoline, Lisa
  113. American girl around the world cookbook
  114. An unwanted guest -Lapena, Shari
  115. Arctic Gambit -Bond, Larry
  116. As you wish v.3 -Deveraux, Jude
  117. Batman Detective Comics : rebirth deluxe edition. Book 1 -Tynion, James
  118. Battle of the best friends v.2 -Dadey, Debbie
  119. Better off read v.1 / A Bookmobile Mystery -Page, Nora
  120. Between you and me : a novel -Wiggs, Susan
  121. Bone on bone v.8 -Keller, Julia
  122. Cave of bones v.22 -Hillerman, Anne
  123. China rich girlfriend v.2 : a novel -Kwan, Kevin
  124. Clock dance -Tyler, Anne
  125. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs -Barrett, Judi
  126. Dead man running v.11 -Hamilton, Steve
  127. Divergent v.1 -Roth, Veronica
  128. Don’t get angry, Annie : stay calm -Regan, Lisa
  129. Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the company that addicted America -Macy, Beth
  130. Dreams of falling -White, Karen
  131. Elevation -King, Stephen
  132. Every time you go away -Harbison, Elizabeth M.
  133. Fancy Nancy : Saturday night sleepover -O’Connor, Jane
  134. Flat Stanley v.1 : his original adventure -Brown, Jeff
  135. Ghosted : a novel -Walsh, Rosie
  136. Heads you win -Archer, Jeffrey
  137. Her fear v.5 -Gray, Shelley Shepard
  138. Hold back the dark v.6 -Hooper, Kay
  139. How to walk away : a novel -Center, Katherine
  140. Meet fawn : the anumal-talent fairy -Fox, Jennifer
  141. Minecraft combat handbook -Milton, Stephanie
  142. Not that I could tell -Strawser, Jessica
  143. Poppy Harmon investigates v.1 -Hollis, Lee
  144. Rescued v.17 -Rosenfelt, David
  145. Rise of the earth dragon v.1 -West, Tracey
  146. Search for Scooby Snacks -Wasserman, Robin
  147. Southernmost -House, Silas
  148. Star wars : the story of Darth Vader -Saunders, Catherine
  149. Stygian v.22 : A Dark-hunter Novel -Kenyon, Sherrilyn
  150. Suffer the Children v.4 -Black, Lisa
  151. Super Turbo Meets the Cat-Nappers v.7 -Kirby, Lee
  152. Surprise at Yorktown v.15 -Hering, Marianne
  153. Tales from a not-so-friendly frenemy v.11 -Russell, Rachel Renee
  154. Tales from the not-so-perfect pet sitter v.10 -Russell, Rachel Renee
  155. Texas Free v.5 -Dailey, Janet
  156. The Iceman -Deutermann, Peter T.
  157. The Late Bloomers’ Club : a novel -Miller, Louise
  158. The Moscow offensive : a novel -Brown, Dale
  159. The River House v.8 -Neggers, Carla
  160. The Store -Patterson, James
  161. The Washington decree : a novel -Adler-Olsen, Jussi
  162. The birthday surprise -Stephens, Leigh
  163. The bishop’s pawn -Berry, Steve
  164. The cutting edge v.14 -Deaver, Jeffery
  165. The first family -Palmer, Michael
  166. The forbidden door : a Jane Hawk novel -Koontz, Dean R.
  167. The forgotten road v.2 -Evans, Richard Paul
  168. The girl in the woods -Macdonald, Patricia
  169. The hope jar v.1 -Brunstetter, Wanda E.
  170. The incredible Elastigirl -Bouchard, Natasha
  171. The other woman v.18 -Silva, Daniel
  172. The outsider -King, Stephen
  173. The quiet side of passion v.12 -McCall Smith, Alexander
  174. The woman left behind -Howard, Linda
  175. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe -Cabrera, Jane
  176. This is where it ends -Nijkamp, Marieke
  177. Turbulence v.46 -Woods, Stuart
  178. Twinkle, twinkle, little star -Dean, James
  179. Unsheltered -Kingsolver, Barbara
  180. Warriors of stone v.6 -Farshtey, Greg
  181. Whisper the dead v.5 -Cameron, Stella 

Staff Picks

notsoNot so Normal Norbert by James Patterson

Norbert Riddle is a citizen of the United States of Earth, where everything is bland and grey. All is controlled by Loving Leader, who rules with an iron first. He thinks that any sign of creativity is dangerous. When Norbert is caught doing a comical impression of Loving Leader while standing on his teacher’s desk, he is arrested by The Truth Police and banished to a planet called Zorquat 3. Norbert will now spend his days at a camp called Astronuts, where kids are free to roam and express their creativity. Even though Norbert protests his sentence at first and wants to go back to Earth, he soon discovers that Astronuts might not be as bad as he first thought. Read all about his adventures in Not so Normal Norbert!

legobuildBuild it!: Make Supercool Models With Your LEGO Classic Set. Farm Animals by Jennifer Kemmeter

This book is a visual guide explaining how to build cute LEGO farm critters, such as blue cows, chickens, peacocks, and foxes. Images contain step-by-step instructions, including the type and number of blocks needed to complete each animal, guiding readers through the entire process. If you like barnyard animals and want to make some of your own, then this is the book for you!

herfearHer Fear by Shelley Shepard Gray

Sadie Detweiler is young, unmarried, and pregnant. After she tries to reason with the baby’s father and her parents, she is banished from her strict Amish community and sent to live with her cousins, the Stauffers, in Kentucky. The Stauffers are not well-respected in their community. Noah is an Amish EMT who is called to the house after Verba, the family matriarch, dies of a suspected poisoning. After Noah finds out about the Stauffer’s shady moonshining business, he vows to protect her from the strange goings on at the house, all the while falling for Sadie. Her Fear is a novel full of suspense, romance, and redemption.

thingsjolieThings Jolie Needs to do Before She Bites It by Kerry Winfrey

Sixteen-year-old Jolie has mandibular prognathism, which is the medical term for an underbite. All her life, Jolie has struggled with the idea of beauty. Her doctor advises that she get corrective surgery, which Jolie is all too eager to receive. Though she will never be as pretty as her older beauty queen sister, Abbi, Jolie looks forward to her new face. Once she becomes prettier, she hopes to receive her first kiss. Meanwhile, her best friends, Evelyn and Derek, make a list of things Jolie wants to do in case she dies while under the knife. Full of humor and touching moments, Things Jolie Needs to do Before She Bites It will make you think twice about identity and beauty.

iseeI See Through Rośe-Colored Glasses: True Stories and Confessions by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

Acclaimed, best-selling author, Lisa Scottoline, and her daughter, Francesca Serritella, take turns relaying funny and heart-warming stories about their lives. I See Through Rośe-Colored Glasses serves as a good reminder not to take life too seriously. Whether you’re relaxing at home or sitting at the beach, break out the rośe and enjoy this book!