Recommended Reads

truefictionTrue Fiction by Lee Goldberg
In this action-packed title, the author tells the tale of Ian Ludlow, a writer famous for his Clint Straker Series. When Ian is approached by the CIA, who hopes that he will provide them with expert advice for preventing attacks, he divulges some creative “plot lines” and tips which he plans to use in his newest book. Three years later, there is a major airplane crash in Honolulu. Shortly after the bizarre and fatal event, some attempts were made on Ian’s life. He, along with his author escort, Margo, and his actor friend, Ronnie, have to find a way to stop the assassins from executing their planned attacks. Ripe with action, suspense, and humor, True Fiction puts a unique spin on all the aforementioned genres.

lagoonThe Amusement Park from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler
When Hubie’s teacher asks her class where they should go for their class trip, all the students reply that they want to go to Dizzyland. Hubie is deathly afraid of all the rides. On the day of the field trip, all the other kids are excited, but Hubie still hasn’t gotten over his fear. He gets in line for what he thinks is the bathroom, but discovers that he accidentally got in line for the scariest ride in the park! Will Hubie get over his fear and live to tell the tale? Read this thrilling book to find out!

videoVideo Ideas by Tim Grabham
Are you interested in making your own video? If you’re looking for a good place to start, then look no further than Video Ideas. The book covers aspects such as choosing your device, picking the right music, finding the perfect filming location, and editing out bloopers, all which are very important. Video Ideas is here to help you through every step of the process.

infamousInfamous by Alyson Noël
Layla, Aster, and Tommy have just been released from jail for the alleged murder of Hollywood starlet Madison Brooks. Shortly after the three teens think that they have regained their freedom, they learn that someone has framed them. And it doesn’t stop there. After Layla, Aster, and Tommy receive a series of threatening messages, they know that someone is trying to blackmail them. Meanwhile, Madison is alive, but she is still in hiding after nearly three months of having been kidnapped. She has just gathered up the courage to reenter the world, but will she help clear the names of the innocent teens, or will her own dark secret end up destroying them all? Read Infamous to find out.

meganMeghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton
From her humble beginnings and her parents’ divorce at a young age to her Hollywood stardom and betrothal to Prince Harry, the author beautifully captures the life of Meghan Markle. As the story unfolds, eager readers will find out more fascinating facts about the woman who is changing the traditions of the English monarchy—the one who is soon to become the first American princess!

Most Checked Out & Requested Books in April
at Charlestown-Clark County Public Library

  1. 17th suspect – Patterson, James
  2. I’ve got my eyes on you – Clark, Mary Higgins
  3. Red Alert v.5 : An Nypd Red Mystery – Patterson, James/ Karp, Marshall
  4. The fallen v.4 – Baldacci, David
  5. After Anna – Scottoline, Lisa
  6. The butter battle book – Seuss, Dr.
  7. The disappeared v.18 – Box, C. J.
  8. The sixth day v.5 – Coulter, Catherine
  9. Shelter in Place – Roberts, Nora
  10. Twisted prey v.28 – Sandford, John
  11. Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories – Seuss, Dr.
  12. Liar, Liar – Jackson, Lisa
  13. Accidental heroes : a novel – Steel, Danielle
  14. The Moscow Deception – Robards, Karen
  15. Shattered mirror v.23 – Johansen, Iris
  16. The forgotten road v.2 – Evans, Richard Paul
  17. Hold back the dark v.6 – Hooper, Kay
  18. The President Is Missing – Clinton, Bill/ Patterson, James
  19. Paradox – Coulter, Catherine
  20. Cottage by the Sea – Macomber, Debbie
  21. Duel to the death v.13 – Jance, Judith A.
  22. Fifty, fifty v.2 – Patterson, James
  23. The cast : a novel – Steel, Danielle
  24. The great alone – Hannah, Kristin
  25. The midnight line v.22 – Child, Lee
  26. The other lady vanishes – Quick, Amanda
  27. Dead girl running – Dodd, Christina
  28. Hardcore twenty-four v.24 – Evanovich, Janet
  29. Miss Julia raises the roof v.19 – Ross, Ann B.
  30. Shoot first v.45 : Stone Barrington – Woods, Stuart
  31. Unbridled – Palmer, Diana
  32. End game v.5 – Baldacci, David
  33. Look for me : a novel – Gardner, Lisa
  34. The road home – Lewis, Beverly
  35. Thief v.16 – Ward, J. R.
  36. A Nantucket wedding : a novel – Thayer, Nancy
  37. A higher loyalty : truth, lies and leadership – Comey, James B., Jr.
  38. Aqualicious – Kann, Victoria
  39. Deep freeze v.10 – Sandford, John
  40. Diary of a wimpy kid v.12 : the getaway – Kinney, Jeff
  41. Dog Man unleashed – Pilkey, Dav
  42. Every breath you take v.5 – Clark, Mary Higgins
  43. Mousetronaut : based on a (partially) true story – Kelly, Mark E.
  44. Not that I could tell – Strawser, Jessica
  45. Queen Anne’s lace v.26 – Albert, Susan Wittig
  46. Sometimes I lie – Feeney, Alice
  47. The first family – Palmer, Michael
  48. The rooster bar : a novel – Grisham, John
  49. The woman in the window : a novel – Finn, A. J.
  50. The woman left behind – Howard, Linda
  51. Truth or Dare v.4 – Michaels, Fern
  52. Twenty-one days : a Daniel Pitt novel – Perry, Anne
  53. A Dangerous Game – Graham, Heather
  54. Ariel and the Big Baby / Rapunzel Finds a Friend – Koster, Amy Sky/ Patrick, Ella/ Thomas, Jeffrey
  55. Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, part 1 : v.6 – Pilkey, Dav
  56. Dog Man : a tale of two kitties – Pilkey, Dav.
  57. Dog Man and Cat Kid – Pilkey, Dav.
  58. Double blind – Johansen, Iris
  59. Force of nature : a novel – Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)
  60. Marry me by sundown – Lindsey, Johanna
  61. Minecraft construction handbook – Needler, Matthew
  62. One last breath – Jackson, Lisa
  63. Pale As Death – Graham, Heather
  64. Past perfect : a novel – Steel, Danielle
  65. Pinkalicious. Puptastic! – Kann, Victoria
  66. The People vs. Alex Cross v.23 – Patterson, James
  67. The Petes go marching – Dean, James
  68. The escape artist – Meltzer, Brad
  69. The flight attendant : a novel – Bohjalian, Chris
  70. The good pilot Peter Woodhouse : a novel – McCall Smith, Alexander
  71. The masterpiece – Rivers, Francine, 1947-
  72. Unbound v.44 : a Stone Barrington novel – Woods, Stuart
  73. Wonder – Palacio, R. J.
  74. Year one v.1 – Roberts, Nora
  75. All That Glitters – Palmer, Diana
  76. All the beautiful lies : a novel – Swanson, Peter
  77. An American marriage – Jones, Tayari
  78. Bob books. Set 1, Beginning readers – Maslen, Bobby Lynn
  79. Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space v.3 – Pilkey, Dav
  80. Crime & Punctuation – Dunnett, Kaitlyn
  81. Death doesn’t bargain v.2 – Kenyon, Sherrilyn
  82. Death of an honest man v.33 – Beaton, M. C.
  83. Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul – Kinney, Jeff
  84. Diary of a wimpy kid v.1 – Kinney, Jeff
  85. Every Note Played – Genova, Lisa
  86. Miss Julia raises the roof v.20 – Ross, Ann B.
  87. Now that you mention it – Higgins, Kristan
  88. Parting Shot – Barclay, Linwood
  89. Pinkalicious : the pinkerrific playdate – Kann, Victoria
  90. Plants vs. zombies : garden warfare – Tobin, Paul
  91. Plants vs. zombies. Grown Sweet Home grown sweet home – Tobin, Paul
  92. Plum tea crazy v.19 – Childs, Laura
  93. Princess : Library Edition – Patterson, James/ Jones, Rees
  94. Promise not to tell – Krentz, Jayne Ann
  95. Seeing red – Brown, Sandra
  96. Sweet Vengeance – Michaels, Fern
  97. Team Up! – DC Comics, Inc.
  98. The Berenstain Bears’ Big machines – Berenstain, Mike
  99. The Loud house. v. 3, Live life loud! – Savino, Chris
  100. The Merck veterinary manual
  101. The River House v.8 – Neggers, Carla
  102. The amazing book of My Little Pony – March, Julia
  103. The family gathering v.3 – Carr, Robyn
  104. The sword of summer v.1 – Riordan, Rick
  105. The wife between us – Hendricks, Greer
  106. Then she was gone – Jewell, Lisa
  107. Turbulence – Woods, Stuart
  108. World War II : visual encyclopedia – Williams, Brian
  109. A death in Live Oak v.15 – Grippando, James
  110. Allied in danger v.30 : a capital crimes novel – Truman, Margaret
  111. Battle of the boss-monster v.13 – Cummings, Troy
  112. Between You and Me – Wiggs, Susan
  113. Broken pride v.1 – Hunter, Erin
  114. Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants v.4 – Dav Pilkey
  115. Caribbean rim v.25 – White, Randy Wayne
  116. Covert game v.14 – Feehan, Christine
  117. Dark in death v.46 – Robb, J. D.
  118. Death by chocolate cherry cheesecake v.1 – Graves, Sarah
  119. Diary of a wimpy kid v.6 : cabin fever – Kinney, Jeff
  120. Dreams of falling – White, Karen
  121. Fairytale : a novel – Steel, Danielle
  122. Flash Points v.22 : A Kirk Mcgarvey Novel – Hagberg, David
  123. Grant – Chernow, Ron
  124. I’ll be gone in the dark : one woman’s obsessive search for the Golden State Killer – McNamara, Michelle
  125. If you give a dog a donut – Numeroff, Laura Joffe
  126. In this moment v.2 – Kingsbury, Karen
  127. Lost books and old bones v.3 – Shelton, Paige
  128. Minecraft hacks : the unofficial guide to tips and tricks that other guides won’t teach you – Miller, Megan
  129. Murder, interrupted – Patterson, James
  130. Once a Scoundrel – Putney, Mary Jo
  131. Plant the tiny seed – Matheson, Christie
  132. River of fire v.5 – Hunter, Erin
  133. Robicheaux – Burke, James Lee
  134. Rose Island : An almost accurate account of days gone by – Chambers, Terry
  135. Shallow grave v.4 – Harper, Karen
  136. Snoopy, flying ace to the rescue – Bailer, Darice
  137. Stop the stone monsters! – Murray, Helen (Senior editor)
  138. Sweet Dreams, Supergirl – Dahl, Michael/ Lozano, Omar
  139. The bad daughter : a novel – Fielding, Joy
  140. The body in the casket : a Faith Fairchild mystery v.24 – Page, Katherine Hall
  141. The cutting edge v.14 – Deaver, Jeffery
  142. The knowledge v.24 : a Richard Jury mystery – Grimes, Martha
  143. The rising sea v.15 : a novel from the NUMA files – Cussler, Clive
  144. The third victim – Margolin, Phillip
  145. The whispering room v.2 – Koontz, Dean R.
  146. This is me : loving the person you are today – Metz, Chrissy
  147. Treasure Hunt v.13 – Barbo, Maria S.
  148. True fiction v.1 – Goldberg, Lee
  149. What pet should I get? – Seuss, Dr.
  150. Y is for yesterday v.25 – Grafton, Sue