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sinsuchasthisA Sin Such as This by Ellen Hopkins
Tara Lattimore is happily married to the love of her life, or so she thinks. Shortly after she and her doctor husband, Cavin, settle into their new home, she discovers that he is secretly meeting with his ex-girlfriend, Sophia. To make matters worse, Sophia is casually dating Cavin’s teenaged son, Eli. Tara prides herself because of the fact that she was able to escape her sordid past but, lately, it seems that it is catching up with her. How will Tara move forward? Read A Sin Such as This to find Out.
pickthreePick Three by Randi Zuckerberg
Pick Three speaks to a generation of people who are overwhelmed and overworked. As youngsters, many are taught about the “values” of multitasking, even though, in actuality, spreading yourself too thin can be detrimental. As the subtitle of the book so eloquently states, you can have it all, just not every day. Randi’s basic idea is that you can choose three important areas on which to focus each day. The examples she includes are: work, sleep, family, fitness, and friendship. Randi also emphasizes that variety is paramount-that you should alternate between each area on a daily basis. Some might have other things in their life which are very important, but you can still pick only three a day. The end of the book includes a section where you can track, reflect upon, and write your daily choices. Pick Three is a must read for anyone who needs to know about the importance of being healthily unbalanced.
robotworldA Robot World: Discover Amazing Robots and Their Robotic Powers by Clive Gifford
Even though the word robot was not used until the first half of the 20th century, the concept of artificial beings extends all the way back to ancient times. From automata machines made by watchmakers of the 17th and 18th centuries, to Da Vinci robots that assist in performing keyhole surgeries, artificial intelligence has a big impact on many people worldwide. The author delves deep into the world of robotics, complete with a glossary and additional references at the end of the book. A Robot World is a must read for those who are fascinated with the ever-expanding field of artificial life.
unicornUnicorn Power! by Tamaki Mariko
The Lumberjanes are back and stronger than ever in their first novel! Best friends Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley are enjoying their time at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. After the girls encounter a unicorn, April decides that she wants to take her friends on another adventure. When they all set out to climb the highest mountain in the whole area, things don’t quite go according to plan. Now all five friends are stuck in the clouds. Will they ever be able to return to their campsite? Read Unicorn Power! to find out!
behindthesongBehind the Song edited by K.M. Walton
This modern classic contains stories and personal essays written by many popular authors, including Ellen Hopkins and K.M. Walton. The featured songs, as well as their accompanying stories, are a very eclectic mix, which makes it attractive to young bibliophiles and audiophiles alike.

Most Checked Out & Requested Books in June
at Charlestown-Clark County Public Library

  1. The President Is Missing – Clinton, Bill/ Patterson, James
  2. Shelter in place – Roberts, Nora
  3. 17th suspect v.17 – Patterson, James
  4. Paradox – Coulter, Catherine
  5. Cottage by the Sea – Macomber, Debbie
  6. Liar, Liar – Jackson, Lisa
  7. Tailspin – Brown, Sandra
  8. The Moscow Deception v.2 – Robards, Karen
  9. Feared – Scottoline, Lisa
  10. The Perfect Couple – Hilderbrand, Elin
  11. Red Alert v.5 : An Nypd Red Mystery – Patterson, James/ Karp, Marshall
  12. I’ve got my eyes on you – Clark, Mary Higgins
  13. The disappeared v.18 – Box, C. J.
  14. The fallen v.4 – Baldacci, David
  15. Juror 3 – Patterson, James/ Allen, Nancy
  16. The cast – Steel, Danielle
  17. Double blind – Johansen, Iris
  18. Pale As Death – Graham, Heather
  19. Twisted prey v.28 – Sandford, John
  20. Unbridled v.46 – Palmer, Diana
  21. Batman Detective Comics : rebirth deluxe edition. Book 1 – Tynion, James
  22. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone v.1 – Rowling, J. K.
  23. The good fight – Steel, Danielle
  24. The outsider – King, Stephen
  25. A Willing Murder – Deveraux, Jude
  26. After Anna – Scottoline, Lisa
  27. Cyber-thief showdown v.68 : Geronimo Stilton – Stilton, Geronimo
  28. Impostor’s Lure – Neggers, Carla
  29. Marry me by sundown – Lindsey, Johanna
  30. Sweet Vengeance – Michaels, Fern
  31. The Mark – Evanovich, Janet/ Benson, Raymond
  32. The bad beginning v.1 – Snicket, Lemony
  33. The death of Mrs. Westaway – Ware, Ruth
  34. The first family – Palmer, Michael
  35. The gray ghost v.10 – Cussler, Clive
  36. The keto reset diet : the ketogenic plan to reboot your metabolism in 21 days and burn fat forever – Sisson, Mark
  37. The road home – Lewis, Beverly
  38. The ultimate unofficial guide to Robloxing : everything you need to know to build awesome games! – Majaski, Christina
  39. To the Moon and Back v.3 – Kingsbury, Karen
  40. Turbulence v.46 – Woods, Stuart
  41. Twinkle, twinkle, little star – Dean, James
  42. Arctic Gambit – Bond, Larry
  43. Fade to Black v.24 – Graham, Heather
  44. Murder in Paradise : Library Edition – Patterson, James
  45. My Kind of Christmas – Dailey, Janet
  46. One last breath – Jackson, Lisa
  47. Princess v.14 : Library Edition – Patterson, James/ Jones, Rees
  48. The favorite sister – Knoll, Jessica
  49. The great alone – Hannah, Kristin
  50. The sixth day v.5 – Coulter, Catherine
  51. Tomb of the Fangpyre v.4 – Farshtey, Greg
  52. Accidental heroes – Steel, Danielle
  53. Be prepared – Brosgol, Vera
  54. Before we were yours – Wingate, Lisa
  55. Curse of the Arctic Star v.1 – Keene, Carolyn
  56. Dreams of falling – White, Karen
  57. Fall from grace – Steel, Danielle
  58. Fifty, fifty v.2 – Patterson, James
  59. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets v.2 – Rowling, J. K.
  60. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix v.5 – Rowling, J. K.
  61. Look for me – Gardner, Lisa
  62. Minecraft combat handbook – Milton, Stephanie
  63. Seeing red – Brown, Sandra
  64. Shallow grave v.4 – Harper, Karen
  65. Skylanders Trap Team : Master Eon’s official guide.
  66. Texas Ranger – Patterson, James
  67. The Breakers – Muller, Marcia
  68. The Pharaoh Key v.5 – Preston, Douglas/ Child, Lincoln
  69. The boss baby – Frazee, Marla
  70. The endless beach – Colgan, Jenny
  71. The family gathering v.3 – Carr, Robyn
  72. The incredible Elastigirl – Bouchard, Natasha
  73. The midnight line v.22 : a Jack Reacher novel – Child, Lee
  74. The sword of summer v.1 – Riordan, Rick
  75. The woman in the window – Finn, A. J.
  76. The woman left behind – Howard, Linda
  77. Ultimate oceanpedia : the most complete ocean reference ever – Wilsdon, Christina
  78. A Nantucket wedding – Thayer, Nancy
  79. All we ever wanted – Giffin, Emily
  80. Between you and me – Wiggs, Susan
  81. By Invitation Only – Frank, Dorothea Benton
  82. Danger in the deep blue sea v.4 – Dadey, Debbie
  83. Death of an honest man v.33 – Beaton, M. C.
  84. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban v.3 – Rowling, J. K.
  85. Parting Shot – Barclay, Linwood
  86. See me – Sparks, Nicholas
  87. Shattered mirror v.23 / An Eve Duncan Novel – Johansen, Iris
  88. Smile – Telgemeier, Raina
  89. Something in the water – Steadman, Catherine
  90. The Force awakens – Fentiman, David
  91. The Lost Princess v.5 – Dadey, Debbie/ Avakyan, Tatevik
  92. The Moscow offensive – Brown, Dale
  93. The River House v.8 – Neggers, Carla
  94. The big case – Scollon, Bill
  95. The flight attendant – Bohjalian, Chris
  96. The girl in the woods – Macdonald, Patricia
  97. The green ninja – West, Tracey
  98. The handmaid’s tale – Atwood, Margaret
  99. The jungle temple oracle v.2 : an unofficial Minecrafter’s adventure – Cheverton, Mark
  100. The money shot – Woods, Stuart
  101. The nightingale – Hannah, Kristin
  102. The other woman – Jones, Sandie
  103. The recipe box – Shipman, Viola
  104. The tales of Beedle the Bard – Rowling, J. K.
  105. There’s a pest in the garden – Thomas, Jan
  106. To kill a mockingbird – Lee, Harper
  107. Tom Clancy line of sight v.4 – Maden, Mike
  108. Truth or Dare v.4 – Michaels, Fern
  109. Walking Shadows – Kellerman, Faye