Library Board

June Kruer, Library Director


Citizen Volunteers & Appointing Authority
James Arnett, President by Greater Clark County School Board
Jerry Meredith, Vice President by Clark County Council

LaDonna Johnson, Treasurer by Clark County Commissioners
Judy Schleicher, Secretary by Clark County Council

Debby Marshal by West Clark School Board
Jackie Fouts by Greater Clark County School Board


The board meets the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm in a library meeting room. Meeting location varies. Check with the Library Director to verify location.


The Charlestown-Clark County Public Library Board of Trustees, as set forth in IC 36-7, is composed of seven citizens who are residents of the library district. The trustees serve without pay and may serve four consecutive terms of four years each. The appointing authorities are defined by law as follows:

Clark County Council 2 appointments
Clark County Commissioners 2 appointments
Greater Clark School Board 2 appointments
West Clark School Board 1 appointments

The Library Board of Trustees establishes policies for the operation of the library district for which it is to provide services.